learning environments and networks

A great post from Stephen Downes here on personal learning environments [PLEs] and reflecting on the experience of running the connectivism course. I was taken with the argument that the value PLEs is greatly enhanced by extending social networks – a similar argument to the one made here by Malinka Ivanova. The paper reminded me … Read more

web/ enterprise 2.0 – mindset and culture

Interesting post from Penny Edwards here on the recognition that enterprise 2.0 adoption is a mind-set, and therefore, cultural, issue rather than a technology one. In particular, to be truly effective, it requires a different conceptualisation of management as being something focused on motivation, empowerment, support and co-ordination rather than organising, controlling, commanding and (possibly) … Read more

virtual working, talking and learning

came across a really interesting video here from Sun microsystems on the virtual office. Very interesting on how easy and [nearly] natural the interaction can seem especially as I’m currently involved in developing a funding bid to develop virtual world tools to enable situated workplace language learning for knowledge workers. But can see lots of … Read more

going collaborative

An interesting interview here on transforming from command and control to collaborative working principles. Will be interesting to follow this over time as the question remains on how ‘sticky’ such changes will prove to be in organisations that have grown on a command and control ethos. While the logic of organsiational structure is to the … Read more

Personal Learning Environments and working environments

A very interesting paper from Graham Attwell and Cristina Costa at Pontydysgu on linking personal learning and work. I particularly liked the following quote: there is a discontinuity between the idea of integrating personal learning and working environments and the business strategies of many companies, a discontinuity which is fuelled by present policies and trends … Read more

Thinking about ….. managing a ‘career’

Most of my work has been short/ fixed term contracts and covering a fairly varied range of domains (but generally with a learning slant) – I’ve worked in projects involving higher education (including teaching), management development, community media development, e-learning development, creative industries support, research work, public sector improvement (mmmmmmm interesing), business start-up support. Its … Read more