PJ Evans


What was done last week: developed the Moodle site for the E-Learning Strategy & Policy course on the MSc Digital Education and I’m really looking forward to delivering the course over the next 12 weeks or so started reading lots of personal learning environments (PLEs) in terms of their implications for learning and development in organisations given that […]

Week notes [16082013]

This my first week note since returning from holiday so it’s really been pretty much a fortnight involving: Reading and commenting on seven chapters of student dissertations and one complete draft dissertation Submitting the penultimate progress report on the Lang2Tech project as well as completing a few small tasks for that and the Propound project […]

UFHRD Conference – 7 June 2013

… and here we go on the final day of the UFHRD Conference on Friday 7 June. I’m only covering the opening keynote and then travelling home. The keynote is by Stephen McNair  (Centre for Research in the Older Workforce) “Work and Learning in Later Life”. Mostly talks to policy audiences which, compared to an […]

The Future of Work

This post from Neil Usher (@workessence) sums up nicely the dilemmas presented in the future of work discourses: The future of work: it’s going to be dispersed flexible agile dexterous and very bendy and driven by presence-mimicking technology and sophisticated collaborative tools replicating our everyday functionality that mean we don’t have to be in the office at all […]

WeekNotes [25012013]

I thought it was time for another round-up of what I’ve been doing since the start of the year: – drafting two sections for reports on teaching and learning approaches to transversal competence development for the Propound project – submitted a conference paper on the Lang2Tech project  for  the International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED […]

Nomadic work

These are the notes I took at a seminar on 11 May 2012 by Barbara Czarniawska at the Edinburgh University Business School on Nomadic Work. The seminar presented some initial research on nomadic work asking the question: who are the contemporary nomads? Suffering of “nomadness” and how to define nomadic working. Czarniawska asked if she […]

More monkeys with typewriters

I completed Jemima Gibbon‘s book Monkeys with Typewriters just before Christmas. As I mentioned in my comments on the first chapter here, I enjoyed the span of sources drawn on such as Arie de Geus and his book, The Living Company to de Moivre on distribution curves to Charles Darwin. As such, I found the […]

joyful working

It is possible. See Dave Pollards post and then buy the book!

Changing jobs

My blog routines have become even more erratic of late – the reason being a spate of job applications, interviews etc. The result is I’m moving to a new job next month – its an academic role so very different from what I’m used to and know (at least I assume it’ll be very different!). […]


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