PJ Evans

Innovation as knowing, experience and action?

These are some very rough initial thoughts that I hope to develop over a couple of posts. Building on an earlier post on learning, creativity & innovation summarising that (a) innovation occurs through learning and (b) learning is a social/ collaborative process (and so innovation is also a collaborative process) it is clear that innovation […]

HR as sociability

Interesting post here from Jon Ingham on the CIPD conference in terms of a key value-adding activity of HR is in developing social capital – people interacting, talking, collaborating.

learning environments and networks

A great post from Stephen Downes here on personal learning environments [PLEs] and reflecting on the experience of running the connectivism course. I was taken with the argument that the value PLEs is greatly enhanced by extending social networks – a similar argument to the one made here by Malinka Ivanova. The paper reminded me […]

Learning Circuits – big question

Interesting Big Question! on getting help/ answers on-line. The question builds on the Work Literacy course – web 2.0 for learning – where I’ve been lurking rather than participating. I feel a little guilty about it as I’ve got more out of it than I’ve put in (obviously). My main excuse for not participating has […]

its a wiggly world!

A good post here on the “messy and chaotic” actual world of real organisational life. The emphasis on personal networks that work across and between the formal organisation structures – people both subvert the formal organisation while simultaneously ensuring that the organisation functions (or achieves a lot more than just functioning). The emphasis on management […]


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