About me

I am an educator and researcher working at the intersections of digital education and professional and experiential learning. I investigate the relations between learning, knowledge, networks and technologies in the increasingly complex worlds of higher education and professional practices. I am fascinated by developing action-orientated and experiential formal and non-formal learning experiences that have a real impact on individuals and organisations.

I am at my most effective working collaboratively in designing and developing innovative learning programmes and initiatives with a strong vision and in contexts that are complex and uncertain. I have successfully designed and delivered innovative new student-led and online courses as well as initiatives to enhance staff capabilities in providing digital education and learning. Before working in higher education I developed large-scale (£1m+) projects delivery training and business support for creative, cultural and tourism businesses and community-learning initiatives in digital media. I lead a small team in a community media company delivering digital and face-to-face programmes from technical and business skills development to digital skills for teachers to alternative curricula for excluded school pupils.

Outside of work I like to run and to cook (not always the best combination). I am currently providing substitute paperboy services for my son when he has sleepovers or is feeling ill (secretly, I quite enjoy doing the paper round).


You can find me on Twitter as @eksploratore or on LinkedIn here.
My more formal academic information can be found here.
You can also contact me at: peter (at) pj-evans (dot) net


About this blog

This blog serves as a single stable place on the web and as a notebook of ideas, reflections, resources and tentative brainwork.

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