Peter J Evans:

My career has been an eclectic one – to the point of questioning whether you could call it a career at all. I would say I’ve just done a series of interesting things. I started out working in the cultural and creative industries in various roles that saw me increasingly involved in learning and development work and business research. This expanded out to include using creative learning activities to re-engage excluded school children back into learning, in adult and community learning as well as professional development provision and enterprise support. Increasingly, this involved working in the digital media spaces and in particular in content development.

What I really like is working in projects in analysing issues and opportunities, establishing strategy, structure and processes to generate momentum to achieve what the project is really setting out to do.

On the way, I developed a good deal of experience in European Funded projects including ESF Equal and more recently Interreg and the Lifelong Learning Programme (I also dabbled in working in the mainstream public sector but decided that wasn’t for me).

In 2008 I joined the University of Edinburgh working mainly on postgraduate programmes in the Management of Training & Development and in E-Learning. I designed, developed and delivered a range of modules delivered as blended learning, wholly online as well as in the classroom. I lead or contributed to a number of development activities including generating new professional development products, grant funding applications as well as being a Programme Director.

I can be contacted at: peter (at) pj-evans (dot) net


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