Thinking about ….. managing a ‘career’

Most of my work has been short/ fixed term contracts and covering a fairly varied range of domains (but generally with a learning slant) – I’ve worked in projects involving higher education (including teaching), management development, community media development, e-learning development, creative industries support, research work, public sector improvement (mmmmmmm interesing), business start-up support. Its not an easy cv to sell as I’ve not been engaged in a tradiitonal career path – something I can post-hoc rationalise thanks to Po Bronson and his What Should I Do With My Life. So I was pleased to come across this post that nicely summarises the problem as not being a generalist and not really being a specialist but having some ‘depth’ in a number of domains – illustrated as a sort of icicle/ comb (this kind of makes sense if you’ve come across the notion of T-shaped people from Ideo before). The problems are: (a) does the ‘icicle’-shaped person represent a ‘desirable’ talent of value in the market place or (b) is it short hand for “nothing of value here”?

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