Tools of e-learning

I noticed this post from the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies [CL4PT] on ten key tools for learning. There’s a very clear triangle forming of course/ content “authorware” [eg, screenr or prezi], collaboration tools [eg, etherpad or dimdim] and individual tools [eg, evernote or arguable posterour]. This highlighted a question would be how these … Read more

roundup of interesting stuff: edupunk and social business

More on edupunk/ hacking the education “system” here Although I think there is a conflation of two issues here: (a) the brand recognition and market value of possessing a recognised degree (preferably from a prestigious university and (b) the power of the www to enable lifelong learning. So one is concerned with the confirmation that … Read more

digital content maturing

An interesting post here from mathemagenic on the process of developing blogged content into some form of ‘product’. The post succinctly lays out a process from initial capture of ideas, to pattern recognition, meaning-making and final explicit articulation as a product – in this case, mainly academic papers. I would be interested to see how … Read more

on digital identity

An interesting post here from David White at Oxford on digital identity in educational settings. I particularly agree with his focus on shifting the emphasis from the internet as a broadcast/ content distribution channel to thinking in terms of relationships which “focuses back on the heart of teaching and learning.” But I think his notion … Read more

critical perspectives on social media

Good post here from Ian Delaney on a critical perspective on Twitter. Interesting stuff and I left a long (ish but very rambling) comment in essence suggesting that social media, as with any social practice, can and should be viewed with a eye to power relations. Power being a process of socialisation (and so not … Read more

experiencing twitter

Its been a couple of weeks since I started using twitter. Like some others I’ve been an erratic user. Initially (and perhaps, still) it can feel a bit overwhelming and a time sink – so many people to follow. A few things stand out: – offers of support/ advice came almost immediately (thanks harold, Christian,Shawn) … Read more

social media platforms for learning

Here is the last in an excellent series of posts on social media platforms for learning from Jane Hart at the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies. Much of the challenge for the provision of qualifications is in the cultural, pedagogical (or should it be andagogical) and bureaucratic changes required to allow the formal accreditation … Read more