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Today .. in pictures

Its been a day of research, or thinking about what I’m doing and sorting data out. Summarised as:       and working out an initial structure for a data chapter:

e-learning resources 0

e-learning resources

A couple of useful resources found this week: Designer e-learning provides an  interesting list of resources for e-learning designers (not developers). The emphasis on design thinking competences is particularly interesting. Examples of deeper use...

Future work and career planning 0

Future work and career planning

Came across an interesting post here on skills for employability from Lynda Gratton. The emphasis on deep skills does tie in with what I’ve been seeing in the local job market of generalist skill...

e-learning market 0

e-learning market

Clive Shepherd has highlighted the e-learning centre report on the market for e-learning in UK and Europe. A free summary is available here. As Clive’s post points out, the UK market is expected to...

maturity or a loss of edge? 0

maturity or a loss of edge?

While I’m admittedly a bit behind the times, was intrigued by this piece of news that Nielson and McKinsey were coming together to form a joint venture to create a new company today called...

transforming education 0

transforming education

An interesting post from Lars here on disruptive innovation of higher education. An interesting read and makes a strong case for the two year undergraduate degree. Especially as the traditional academic year structure is...

[intermittent]  week notes [28082010] 0

[intermittent] week notes [28082010]

Its been a difficult few weeks of ball juggling. As part of getting my contract renewed I’ve taken on the role of Director of a postgraduate programme. This is alongside leading the revision of...

On the meaning of a case study 0

On the meaning of a case study

I am currently trying to draft a research framework for my PhD and especially what might be the basic unit of analysis. Ragin (2000) in discussing case orientated research (COR) raises the key question:...

week notes [02082010] 1

week notes [02082010]

Its been a difficult couple of weeks waiting to see if my contract would be extended while piling up a back log of tasks that all had future pay-offs. Not exactly motivating to get...

Back on blogging 0

Back on blogging

Back from hols and conquered the email mountain (the biggest ever and I’ve no idea why!). Read a perceptive post from Clive Shepherd here on blogging that suggests why blogs may whither and die...