Notes for a Friday [3]

Two items for this week:

Reflective practice

This post makes a clear case for the importance of reflective practice as contributing to the effectiveness of online learning. While the use of diverse digital tools for the capture of immediate reflections, to ensure effective learning is important, further development of these reflections in to more substantive, intentional notes is a critical step in ensuring more enduring learning outcomes. As an example, the assessment approach developing for the European Students Sustainability Auditing (ESSA) project here includes the requirements for students to develop both a portfolio of reflective comments and then, at the end of their project, a final reflective report that synthesised and developed on the reflections in the portfolio.

On pedagogy & technology

My colleague, @timbocop, has written an excellent post on a postdigital (& sociomaterial) perspective on the relationship between technologies and pedagogical choices. He writes:

One cannot first choose a pedagogy and then a technology; pedagogy is the thoughtful combination of methods, technologies, social and physical designs and on-the-fly interactions to produce learning environments, student experiences, activities, outcomes…

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