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Analysing TAGS datasets in to Tableau

This post on analysing a TAGs dataset using Tableau is a continuation of earlier posts on social media analytics here and here. It’s worth noting thatĀ Tableau Public cannot be used here as it is against Twitter’s Terms of Service. This post is really to act as notes for my own use but I thought they might he more generally helpful.…

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Social Media Analytics – research question

My topic is mapping a controversy in higher education in the UK. The controversy centres on the Open University (but does have wider implications) and the particular challenges around financial sustainability it faces and related to the appointment of Peter Horrocks as Vice Chancellor back in 2015. This all came to a head in early 2018 with a proposed new…

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Playing with Social Media Analysis

I’m currently dipping in and out of the Future Learn courseĀ  on Social Media Analytics. The activities of the course are centred on analysing a body of Twitter data gathered using Martin Hawksey’s excellent TAGs. I used a set of tweets posted in response to plans to planned changes at the Open University by the then Vice Chancellor, Peter Horrocks.…

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