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Resilience and higher education

Weller’s notion of resilience is proposed as an alternative perspective on change in education systems and institutions that provides a generative alternative to the ‘education is broken’ narrative. For this, he draws on resilience in terms of the stability of ecological systems and the ability of systems to absorb change.  Resilience is, therefore, not simply resistance to change but is…

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UFHRD Conference 5 June 2013

This years UFHRD conference is themed on human resource development (HRD) and the challenges and opportunities in times of economic uncertainty. I’ll be life blogging the event as best I can (including a disregard for the conventions of spelling, syntax and grammer). First up is a keynote address from Kathryn Mountford, Head of HR at the Money Advice Service on “Leadership, HRD…

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evolving culture

An interesting post from Jamie Notter on the evolution of organisational cultures. He is very clear that organsiational culture can be a management issue – you can choose to manage it or you can ignore it … The reasons for managing the evolution of culture are not stated altho their pretty self-evident and the way to manage the evolution of…

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