Marginal & Central: the positioning of an e-portfolio tool in workplace language learning

I’ve finally completed and am about to submit this paper for the International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED 2013)   jointly authored with Robert Chmielewski. The abstract: Abstract This paper explores an Activity Theory based approach to investigating the use of an e-portfolio tool in supporting workplace second language learning. The investigation is on a … Read more

Flock: meet, learn, teach… locally

Last Friday (28 Sept) , I went to an interesting presentation at InSpace which included a presentation from Morna Simpson, CEO of Flockedu. Flockedu aims to link teachers and adult learners for face-to-face learning with a tag line of “meet, learn, teach… locally”. The idea for the company started with a personal injury that coincided … Read more

Social Learning Business (?) linkage [03092012]

A few interesting links and snippets: New free 27-page book from @jaycross – Learning is Business – a short, succinct and good read A good summary here on communities of practice in organisations-as-networks – ie, social business (not social enterprise and without getting all humpty dumpty, I enjoyed this: Take ‘social business’, a term I … Read more

Personal knowledge networks

I’ve just been reading Knowledge Management: A Personal Knowledge Network Perspective in the Journal of Knowledge Management. The Author, Mohammed Chatti has made a pre-publication version available here. As stated in the abstract: The PKN model views knowledge as a personal network and represents a knowledge ecological approach to KM the emphasis here is on … Read more

Visualising open education

An interesting post on open education from Amber Thomas that explicitly acknowledges two key aspects: the tensions within [open is not necessarily “good” in the eyes of all] and the economics of [provision costs]. The concluding image emphasising the porous boundaries of both learning institutions and the learners’ concept of learning and how that opens … Read more

Walking and surfing

A new report form the Office of National Statistics makes for interesting reading although not too surprising as they confirm earlier trend analysis: Nearly half (45 per cent) of Internet users accessed the Internet via a mobile phone in 2011, according to new data released today by ONS. The information, which comes from the ONS … Read more

Widgets and mashups

An interesting slide set from Scott Wilson from Bolton Uni Widgets and Mashups for Personal and Institutional Technologies View more presentations from scottw Its worth clicking through to the slideshare site to see the notes accompanying the presentation. I quite interested in the notion of the highly personalised cross-device widget based VLE or PLE which … Read more