Widgets and mashups

An interesting slide set from Scott Wilson from Bolton Uni

Its worth clicking through to the slideshare site to see the notes accompanying the presentation. I quite interested in the notion of the highly personalised cross-device widget based VLE or PLE which I’ve commented on before here and here respectively. As I commented then, a widget based approach enables:

a mash-up mentality extend[ing] from a multi-modal delivery of learning to more flexible, fluid and multi-modal approaches to knowledge production all occuring in an edgeless institution as network.

So in a sense the institution – the university – dissipates in to a multiple of widgets, interfaces and devices – it becomes pervasive or ubiquitous – a powerful tool for *some* students seeking a certain learning experience. But perhaps not what other students will be seeking, eg, a life changing social experience living away from home studying at a recognised/ branded institution.

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