Social Learning Business (?) linkage [03092012]

A few interesting links and snippets:

New free 27-page book from @jaycross – Learning is Business – a short, succinct and good read

A good summary here on communities of practice in organisations-as-networks – ie, social business (not social enterprise and without getting all humpty dumpty, I enjoyed this:

Take ‘social business’, a term I regularly use on this blog. Social business was in fact coined by Bangladeshi Nobel Peace Prize laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus to describe his work developing non-loss, non-dividend companies designed to address a social objective through capitalism. However, in the past year or so, the term has been hijacked by US companies such as Cisco, IBM and Dachis Group to describe businesses using social technologies to transform how they work from within. It was quickly adopted by agencies and brands across Europe and has now firmly planted itself in the UK. What must Professor Yunus think?

And the problem is not limited to this piece of linguistic thievery. Before ‘social business’ there was a phenomenon called ‘enterprise 2.0’, purporting to describe the same sort of collaborative organisation but with a greater focus on the platforms themselves. There has been heated debate between the two camps, with the enterprise 2.0 guys accusing the social business kids – with their grand claims towards transforming culture and process as well as technology – of simply repackaging old ideas. But no solution has been found. The term ‘2.0’, for example, has by now long been so baggy and ubiquitous as to make it equally fraught.

It all depends on who has mastery “that is all”.

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