PJ Evans

Innovation as knowing, experience and action?

These are some very rough initial thoughts that I hope to develop over a couple of posts. Building on an earlier post on learning, creativity & innovation summarising that (a) innovation occurs through learning and (b) learning is a social/ collaborative process (and so innovation is also a collaborative process) it is clear that innovation […]

predictions for learning in the workplace

Lots of predictions are being made – see here and here. My own two-cents is that over the next few years, we’ll see that expansive/ double loop learning will increasingly be driven by self-directed, informal and social/ network learning activities – done by me for me, just in time, problem and reflection centred. Individuals will […]

Situated knowledge management

Thinking through the links between knowledge management and learning via this post from Jack Vinson, reinforces to me the importance of situated learning, ie, that powerful learning occurs when it takes places directly in the situation the learning will/ should be applied. Thus the continued focus on work-based learning, learning by doing, informal learning, sitting […]


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