PJ Evans

UFHRD Conference 5 June 2013

This years UFHRD conference is themed on human resource development (HRD) and the challenges and opportunities in times of economic uncertainty. I’ll be life blogging the event as best I can (including a disregard for the conventions of spelling, syntax and grammer). First up is a keynote address from Kathryn Mountford, Head of HR at the […]

Discovering failures

An interesing (and short) post here on the importance of learning from failure and the behaviour of leaders – The other practice that I thought was really insightful was to regularly have breakfast with regular employees and ask them the question “What’s the most idiotic thing we did in the last 60 days?” Imagine if […]

Action Learning 2.0

A nice quote from one of the many publications coming out of Ashridge Business School on the link between organisational learning and enterprise 2.0: Used well, action learning creates a culture of maximum support, maximum challeng, individual responsibility for change, and collective responsibility for learning … It is an approach that is congruent with what […]

Project Leadership

I came across an interesting post here on leadership from an attitudinal perspective: As an instructor at UCSC-Extension I’m constantly hearing the moans, whines and whimpers of the PMs that have yet to comprehend this truth. There is valuable time and energy being wasted on working issues in areas outside of their circle of control […]


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