My future research areas

In preparation for a meeting, I identified my future research areas in the field of digital education and learning linked with future teaching/ professional development offers. These two main areas are underpinned by the extension of the use of the interdisciplinary methods mix developed for my PhD: (i) in digital education strategy with a focus on dynamic capabilities. I would like to study how existing dynamic capabilities are mobilised as the basis for successful digital education strategies and, therefore, challenge the notion of the digital as always disruptive or transformational; (ii) continuing my research work on professional learning in open online environments. I would see these two areas of integrating around the examination of competence, not as an immutable outcome of a particular set of knowledge, skills and attributes but as an outcome generated through situated sociomaterial gatherings or assemblages.

Informed by these ongoing research areas, I will be developing courses or learning events in the areas of digital education strategy & leadership and around digital labour and learning.

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