digital content maturing

An interesting post here from mathemagenic on the process of developing blogged content into some form of ‘product’. The post succinctly lays out a process from initial capture of ideas, to pattern recognition, meaning-making and final explicit articulation as a product – in this case, mainly academic papers.

I would be interested to see how such a process would work in an organisational context, eg, if project blogs/ communications/ critical incidents are systematically analysed for particular patterns of behaviours/ activities to inform final lessons learned type reports or to feed into training interventions or other learning resources and/ or standard operating procedures. My experience to date has been that such analysis of captured data is rare – a preference seems to be for the often tired and partial project review meeting leading to an unread report and learning transfer is partial (transfered by particular team embers to a new project) and knowledge inertia is high.

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