PJ Evans

Working and learning in networks

I’m currently pulling together various thoughts on issues surrounding organisational design, networks and workplace or occupational learning. Initially, I’m drawing on: the notion of learning networks, defined by Sloep (2008) as: “online, social network that is designed to support non-formal learning in a particular domain” to frame a discussion of the use of social technologies […]

Mobile learning at work

An interesting post from Graham Attwell on mobile learning that quotes Donald Clark: Training Magazine’s annual survey of US L&D professionals shows that just 1.5% of training was delivered via mobile devices. That’s right, after about 7 years of hype and discussion we’ve reached 1.5%. That’s not leaping. That’s trench warfare. The issue here is partly […]

LinkPool [14112012]

A few links that have recently caught my eye: Modernising Universities: a report on a House of Lords debate on HE in the UK. What struck me here was a sense that the UK was isolating itself from opportunities to respond to emerging trends in the wider economy as well as in education – notably in […]

sociability of enterprises

An interesting post here from Idris Mootee on how social media can by-pass hierarchies and sources of inertia as a communications/ dialogue and collaboration channels. As he points out, its the smart companies that get this, which I take to really mean the smart managers, executives and people – afterall, it can be one thing […]

Changing jobs

My blog routines have become even more erratic of late – the reason being a spate of job applications, interviews etc. The result is I’m moving to a new job next month – its an academic role so very different from what I’m used to and know (at least I assume it’ll be very different!). […]

Democratic workplaces

The WorldBlu list of the most democratic workplaces for 2008 is announced here – thought it might be of interest. Nice to see a good mix of sectors and sizes altho’ the list appears very US centric – a reflection of reality or the method for contructing the list?


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