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riding the Google Wave

… well technically more like watching someone else ride the Wave. Anyway, a very clear and helpful post on Google Wave from Dion Hinchcliffe here. The potential of Wave in terms as [tacit/ social] knowledge ‘management’, collaboration and learning is immense [or will be a big disappointment – assuming, of course, that organisations have the leadership and vision to embrace that potential.

What this post and others on Wave really bring home to me is the extent we in higher education are or are not preparing future talent to live, work and change things in this sort of environment. I feel, but would be delighted to be wrong, that too many Programmes are no where near understanding the implications of all this. Understandably to a degree – if learning is social, networked, experiential and collaborative, then what is the point of a “lecturer”?

Some interesting stuff

Here’s a link to some interesting links on creativity and innovation – worth exploring.

Further interesting and thoughtful argument on Google‘s branding from Umair Haque although I’m not convinced that a traditional approach to branding automatically leads to plastering your home page with Ads – altho’ that would be a traditional strategy from an advertisers and marketers’ perspective. I’d suggest good (as in high quality branding) should project in some form something of the ethos and values of a company. In the case of Google or, from a different sector, Muji that might not involve traditional approaches to advertising and marketing. The post is also very good on what makes Google such a value creating company in a powerful, structural and systematic form.

And here is an interesting post on networks and social capital – which has important implications for generating and supporting an adaptive and innovative organisation.

A post on Toyota’s Blue Ocean Strategy – its always good to see operational excellence, which is what the Value Innovation programme seems to be about, getting its due kudos in a discourse on strategy.

Hope you find these useful!

its a wiggly world!

A good post here on the “messy and chaotic” actual world of real organisational life. The emphasis on personal networks that work across and between the formal organisation structures – people both subvert the formal organisation while simultaneously ensuring that the organisation functions (or achieves a lot more than just functioning). The emphasis on management as trying to control this is historically correct and has generated a lot of benefits in the past. But … we’re increasingly seeing, in companies like Google and Gore that real and massive value is generated in this chaos (may be through the social capital o organisational learning). As is expressed elsewhere in his blog, the long reach for managerial control destroys the potential of this chaos (and this is also well expressed by Gary Hamel)