Some interesting stuff

Here’s a link to some interesting links on creativity and innovation – worth exploring.

Further interesting and thoughtful argument on Google‘s branding from Umair Haque although I’m not convinced that a traditional approach to branding automatically leads to plastering your home page with Ads – altho’ that would be a traditional strategy from an advertisers and marketers’ perspective. I’d suggest good (as in high quality branding) should project in some form something of the ethos and values of a company. In the case of Google or, from a different sector, Muji that might not involve traditional approaches to advertising and marketing. The post is also very good on what makes Google such a value creating company in a powerful, structural and systematic form.

And here is an interesting post on networks and social capital – which has important implications for generating and supporting an adaptive and innovative organisation.

A post on Toyota’s Blue Ocean Strategy – its always good to see operational excellence, which is what the Value Innovation programme seems to be about, getting its due kudos in a discourse on strategy.

Hope you find these useful!

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