5 “things” to promote learning in projects

1: generate immoveable deadlines – forcing project teams to focus on what is required (to meet the milestone) and to rethink problems and look for creative solutions

2: encourage cross-functional teams and/or construct teams of people who rarely or never work together – enhances the chances for new thinking between different disciplines and the reframing of project problems, issues and opportunities

3: focus on processes and methods for cross-functional working rather than creating new structures (ie, the quality unit) to do the work

4: but don’t be constrained by those processes – encourage teams to (consciously) subvert existing processes to ensure the project is a success. Organisational processes are the rythm section that enable project teams to improvise with rigor

5: the collection, analysis, dissemination and tranfer of new knowledge and learning from projects should be treated as a project in its own right – learning leakage is always a problem and should be minimised (see here).

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