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Ethnographic study of experiences online

I came across this quote in Veletsianos Open practices and identity: Evidence from researchers and educators’ social media participation which strikes me as a useful approach to auto-ethnographic research of (online) experiences in different contexts: This study was influenced by cyberethnography (Ward, 1999) and virtual ethnography (Hine, 2000). However, unlike these analytical approaches, and akin to Watulak (2011), instead of doing ethnography (Green & Bloome, 1997), my use of…

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Twitter and micro-blogging notes – part 4 – 10 April

Sociotechnical mediation in learning communities by Xavier Inghilterra Research supported by a French agency supporting technology development. The study is focused on corporate training and to address key challenges in distance training: high drop out rates attendance at lecture courses declining active engagement in training also declining Problem is on how to retain student interest through social network and “play-based” [gamification].…

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Notes from Twitter and Microblogging: Political, Professional and Personal Practices. 10 April

These are notes from the Twitter and Micro-blogging conference at Lancaster University.  The full programme can be found on Lanyard. Elizabeth Merkhofer from Georgetown University  is speaking on : search as sociality An ethnography of a hashtag situated on a page rather than in terms of users but rather concerned with social ordering in a web page. Using micro-meme (Huang et al 2012) as…

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