Creativity and Innovation

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I’m following the Design Thinking and Creativity for Innovation course on EdX. The initial video with Tim Kastelle [] draws together creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation in improving ideas to create value whether for individuals or organisations. He quotes a definition of creativity as creating something that is both novel and ‘useful’ which seems to me to exclude a lot of creative endeavours. Usefulness in terms of new products or services or processes would seem, to me, to be the domain of innovation (see Bessant & Tidd 2011) while Isenberg’s point, cited in this video, that entrepreneurship is about generating tangible value from ideas and innovations. The emphasis here that ideas are not enough – always fear the dreaded ‘ideas person’ in any team – is a good thing. These three areas of creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation then work together as a process from initial ideas in to something tangible that can be mobilised to generate value.  Identifying what that value is and to whom, and why it is of value to them is a key capability.

The rest of the video then talks about the remainder of the course that will include processes and techniques to generate new ideas, innovations and entrepreneurship as identifying and building new opportunities

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