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1. I get ‘open’, I really do…but why should I share anything when the enemy down the road gives fuck all? 2. I would, but that would mean asking other members of staff for their packs,… and the…


Peter Evans‘s insight:

An interesting post on the challenges of implementing openness in education in terms of the networks and discourses mobilised as barriers to ‘spontaneous sharing’. The post is focused on open learning resources rather than open scholarship including research. A radical and spontaneous openness may generate a radical reform of education, a ‘de-schooling’ of tertiary ‘education’. But the implications for existing institutions are not really addressed. If resources are open and available, are tertiary education institutions really the best places and spaces to use these resources? Could a plethora of alternative learning providers and alternative delivery models emerge (no bad thing) and if so, what might the purpose of educational institutions be in such an ecosystem?

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