Designing culture

An interesting summary post here from Emergent by Design on organisational culture and learning for adaptive capacity giving a summary of The Culture Game book.

I would particularly pick out the following

Treating various tasks and interactions as experiments has been a way to give myself permission to ‘fail.’ When that’s followed by an honest retrospective and an openness to learning from the experience, habits seem to change quickly.

  • announce your intent taken as making a call for help or the need for support
  • conduct frequent experiments alongside developing a iterative and adaptive approach to work:

Frequent experimentation means frequent learning.

  • manage visually

One wall of my office is graced with whiteboard paint, another is covered in corkboards that have my personal kanban daily workflow, weekly and monthly goals, book chapter themes I’m fleshing out, storyboards for video projects, and various photos that inspire me. Keeping up with these boards gives me a tremendous sense of location in the larger narrative of my life, and a sense of control and progress.

  • open the space and be playful as work should be open, flexible and fun!

I’m frequently amazed at how little people think about organisational culture as linked to organisational success – you’ve got to remember that culture eats strategy for breakfast

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