Learning Cycles

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4 Responses

  1. Looking at Kolb’s model, it looks surprising like an application of Myer’s Briggs to the learning process.

    I think you may find that a lot of the people who create education or training tends to be more of one style and the students are more mixed. Thus the cognitive disonance.

    Usually, the audience for more teachers is more focused on things that are more practical and concrete and less theoritical.

  2. Peter Evans says:

    Good point Steve – there is also the issue of application in the workplace where additional cognitive (and pragmatic) disonance occurs which is where situated learning approaches, in my experience, are particularly powerful.

  3. hello i need a game about learning cycle theory cuz am taking a course in traning can o get help ?

  4. Peter Evans says:

    Hi Ghoufran

    What is the purpose of the game? I’ve used a couple but to be honest, a Kolb type learning cycle is not a particularly difficult concept to grasp in theory or application. Let me know what its for a I’ll see if I can dig something out

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