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Artificial intelligence and the disintermediation of Learning & Development

This is a really interesting post on artificial intelligence and disintermediation of Learning & Development. Are the current professional qualification frameworks developing practitioners with the future-relevant capabilities? Implementing a capability framework is an opportunity to engage and support managers with the development of their people – some thoughts from a conversation I had with an L&D practitioner today. https://t.co/8sx9c4JEoD pic.twitter.com/oGRdR3HMbo…

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Pushing paper

This post from Raven’s Brain on the role of project managers included the following conclusion: Beware the perception of PM as paper-pusher. Schedules, status, coordination, all matter. But if this is what people think our job is, forget about being highly valued. Paper is a tool for, and can help with, analyzing, summarizing, communicating, and identifying goals, work, problems, etc.…

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