PJ Evans

Making & Breaking Rules in IT Rich Environments

These are my notes taken during the presentation and then tidied up a bit in terms of spelling and sense – so they may well be limit, partial and mistaken! Prof Kalle Lyytinen, Case Western Reserve University. The welcome came from Robin Williams noting that Kalle has a wide range of  appointments and  research interests and often acts as abridge builder […]

WeekNotes [07032014]

A bit of a delay in posting this but last week I: Attended seminars on ethnographic network analysis and on visual presentation in business decision-making. Both were interesting presentations of research projects at different stages: the former at a fairly early stage and the latter with the fieldwork completed and a good deal of the […]

Start-up pivot points

I’m involved in a university spin-out company to be formerly launched soon. Brynn Evans has an interesting post on pivot points as points of significant change in a product and its positioning. Even though we’re essentially in pre-start mode, we’re already facing a potential pivot point of deciding whether to focus on a specific niche […]


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