Platforms tied up

An interesting post here on the development of platforms – especially LinkedIn. The drive to tighten the “loose ties” of web 2.0 is interesting and may bring a degree of perspective on the “death of the VLE” debate (see here, for example, and my earlier comments here). There does seem to be a human desire to seek something clear, identifiable and “there” especially in respect of ‘identity’ and where “everything solid melts into air”. In some ways VLE (as a sort of platform) may well last is because they are something identifiable – a corporate brand not just for the supplier/ university but also for the individual student. I am not just an atomised student but rather a student of THIS institution. Similarly, as a professional, identity may come from being in a professional network and so the Personal Learning Network/ Environment is a way of solidifying that (in a digital manner!) – which also moves with the individual (I am an independent professional working for company X but my professional identity is in being part of a professional network which moves with *me*).

A bit rambling but I will try and build on this later (once the workload reduces – a mythical time perhaps!)

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