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Weeknotes 21062015

It has been a more hectic couple of weeks in some ways with more exam boards as its that time of year continuing planning course staffing for next year so my head was buried in spread sheets for a while researching literature on communities on Twitter and how might the affective aspects of communities distinguish them […]

Weeknotes 29052015

I would like to develop the habit of daily notes. In part so I don’t loose track of what has been done each day but also to support a return to blogging starting with summarising those daily notes in to weekly notes. What I need is to spend some serious time on forming and maintaining […]

weeknotes [03082014]

I’m back from holiday and getting back in to work mode (which will be easier when the kids go back to school next week – bah humbug). Over the last week, I’ve mainly been: Reading and reviewing dissertation draft chapters from students and meeting those students. Some further work on developing ideas on new course […]

weeknotes [11072014]

I’m just getting ready for for two weeks holiday starting today. Over the last couple of weeks, my time has been spent on: supervising Masters students on the dissertations with most aiming to complete by the end of this summer working with three part-time students as they’re just about to start their dissertations developing ideas […]

weeknotes [27062014]

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been: – Attending a seminar by Geoge Veletsianos on educational agents – facilitated a workshop discussion on the internationalisation of higher education following a talk from Alison Phipps. This was a challenging talk on the dominant discourses found in university internationalisation strategies in general that reflected a broadly […]

weeknotes [23042014]

OK, I’m not long back from holidays over Easter so this is looking back over a few weeks (ooops). I have been: continuing to work on my research on professional learning in open online environments. I really need to blog more on that to conduct “data analysis out loud”. The image in this post is […]

WeekNotes [07032014]

A bit of a delay in posting this but last week I: Attended seminars on ethnographic network analysis and on visual presentation in business decision-making. Both were interesting presentations of research projects at different stages: the former at a fairly early stage and the latter with the fieldwork completed and a good deal of the […]

Weeknotes [16112013]

Reflecting on what I’ve been doing and learning at work for another week: – I’ve been mainly preparing the final report on the Lang2Tech project of which I’ve been project managing for the last year of so. So i’m having to overcome my reluctance to grapple with mundane details (cross referencing budget details with supporting […]

WeekNotes [01092013]

Its been a good week with lots going on: We had the final partner meeting and project conference for the Lang2Tech project on assessment and certification of Second Language Competence in Technicians. There seems to be a positive momentum to sustaining the project products but increasing recognition that commercial viability will require extending the project to more […]

Week notes [16082013]

This my first week note since returning from holiday so it’s really been pretty much a fortnight involving: Reading and commenting on seven chapters of student dissertations and one complete draft dissertation Submitting the penultimate progress report on the Lang2Tech project as well as completing a few small tasks for that and the Propound project […]

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