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Weeknotes [21022014]

A picture of various draft word processed documents
In this last week, I have mainly been:

Weeknotes [16112013]

Reflecting on what I’ve been doing and learning at work for another week:

– I’ve been mainly preparing the final report on the Lang2Tech project of which I’ve been project managing for the last year of so. So i’m having to overcome my reluctance to grapple with mundane details (cross referencing budget details with supporting documents etc… ) not to mention spelling and punctuation. Not helped as I though I had plenty of time but have been called to Jury service so cutting my timescale in half.

– I’ve been really enjoying online teaching on MSc in Digital EducationE-Learning, Strategy & Policy and Introduction to Digital Environments for Learning. Both have been the best sort of teaching where I’ve had my thinking challenged by the students and so learned lots myself.

.. and that has pretty much been my week. I’m hoping for a little bit more variety next week.


[intermittent] week notes [28082010]

Its been a difficult few weeks of ball juggling. As part of getting my contract renewed I’ve taken on the role of Director of a postgraduate programme. This is alongside leading the revision of this programme for a new approval Board in early 2011, existing teaching commitments across two programmes, dissertation supervisions and my own PhD (progressing at a snails pace). While alot of the work is interesting, a fair amount is not very engaging to say the least. What I find amusing (not in a good way) is that I’m currently completing tasks that eight years ago when I earned almost half what i do now, my then line manager would have told me I was wasting my time and the company’s money (that was in a social enterprise, now I’m in higher education, no one seems too concerned about the waste!).
Having read this from Tony Hurst can only feel humbled, a bit lazy and realising there must be a trick to this academic life I’m really not yet getting.