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Getting stuff [and writing] done

I’ve recently started using Chris Winfield‘s technique of chunking tasks to 40 pomodoros per week which he describes here. I’m essentially using this technique for “maker” time – as described in this post from Paul Graham. I’ve found this technique works really well for writing (one I know what I’m going to write) as described as writing sprints here.

It may be the case that the “quieter summer” has made this easier and once the new academic year starts, I’ll find it harder to maintain this, but so far, I’ve found it impressively productive and not too tough to keep to.

Week notes [16082013]

This my first week note since returning from holiday so it’s really been pretty much a fortnight involving:

    Reading and commenting on seven chapters of student dissertations and one complete draft dissertation
    Submitting the penultimate progress report on the Lang2Tech project as well as completing a few small tasks for that and the Propound project
    I’m continuing to get to grips with Moodle as I amend an online course
    Experimenting with Trello for project management
    Slowly progressing on my PhD paper on Actor Network Theory; revising a conference paper for submission to a journal and final amendments of a book chapter.

So it’s been a productive period really. Why? Well a lot fewer meetings has helped as I’ve been able to schedule some reasonable chunks of time for larger tasks. I’m far from where I want to be in terms of scheduling (a kind of modified maker schedule) but am continuing to improve but the key problems remains attempting to progress across too many different activities.