PJ Evans

Planning sessions

Interesting article on running a planning session using what they call a ‘storyboard’ approach – I’ve used something similar (described here) but utilising de Bono’s six thinking hats. Its interesing to see the glee in some people’s faces when we get onto the black hat stage of basically destroying ther initial plan!

Real project management – link

svprojectmanagement.com » “We don’t need no stinking Gantt chart!”  edit / delete an excellent article on managing projects through team commitment and enabling the project manager to manage the project as a whole venture rather than (a) managing the plan(ning) and (b) getting in the way of getting things done. Marvellous! to project projectmanagement … […]

Project manager competences

Was pointed to this post on PM Hut from Raven’s Brain on project management skills and competences. The emphasis on the ‘softer’ people management skills: be a leader and a manager be a team builder and a team leader be a negotiator and an influencer be an excellent communicator alongside other skills you’d expect in […]


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