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Mobile learning at work

An interesting post from Graham Attwell on mobile learning that quotes Donald Clark: Training Magazine’s annual survey of US L&D professionals shows that just 1.5% of training was delivered via mobile devices. That’s right, after about 7 years of hype and discussion we’ve reached 1.5%. That’s not leaping. That’s trench warfare. The issue here is partly […]

MOOCs & flipping higher education

A quick few comments on a post from Donald Clark (via Scoop it): Donald Clark has given ten reasons why MOOCs flip higher education. While he makes some valid points, the post itself is overly influenced by the hype surrounding MOOCs and does not really provide a justification for how MOOCs address the problems he […]

Satisfaction with digital education

I came across this survey from Gallup on student satisfaction with digital higher education. The findings make interesting reading from a number of perspectives. While the value-for-money and breadth of curriculum of online learning is clearly acknowledged as key strengths by students. More important are the perceived weaknesses in terms of the quality of teaching, rigour […]


What was done last week: developed the Moodle site for the E-Learning Strategy & Policy course on the MSc Digital Education and I’m really looking forward to delivering the course over the next 12 weeks or so started reading lots of personal learning environments (PLEs) in terms of their implications for learning and development in organisations given that […]

Sketchboarding an online course

I’m in the process of reviewing and redesigning an online course. So to get a full visual view of the course, I’ve been experimenting with sketchboarding. The slideshow shows the board as it is the basic design goes up, currently using a temporal frame for the 10 or so weeks course duration. Its clearly far […]

Twitter and micro-blogging notes – part 4 – 10 April

Sociotechnical mediation in learning communities by Xavier Inghilterra Research supported by a French agency supporting technology development. The study is focused on corporate training and to address key challenges in distance training: high drop out rates attendance at lecture courses declining active engagement in training also declining Problem is on how to retain student interest through […]

LinkPool [14112012]

A few links that have recently caught my eye: Modernising Universities: a report on a House of Lords debate on HE in the UK. What struck me here was a sense that the UK was isolating itself from opportunities to respond to emerging trends in the wider economy as well as in education – notably in […]

Weekend LinkPool [13082012]

The following are a series of links on education and technology that caught my eye: The Future of Online Education (1) discuses three competing perspectives on higher education and the potential impact of online education on these: (1) an employability perspective where higher education is all about imparting market-desired skills. E-Learning can provide the same at […]

LinkPool [020312]

A brief round up of a few thinks I’ve found of interest recently: Why Is the Research on Learning Styles Still Being Dismissed by Some Learning Leaders and Practitioners? in elearn magazine. A good article summarising the research on learning styles (of which there is no evidence) and discusses why the myth of learning styles […]

mid week round up

A few things found (mainly) via Twitter: An interesting article on the life-span of a shared link (its effectively over in the first 2000 seconds unless the link is on YouTube) A presentation from Kineo on e-learning trends. Interesting mainly for the contrdictions – LMS’s are important but informal learning is the trend to watch […]

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