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MOOCs & flipping higher education 0

MOOCs & flipping higher education

A quick few comments on a post from Donald Clark (via Scoop it): Donald Clark has given ten reasons why MOOCs flip higher education. While he makes some valid points, the post itself is...

Satisfaction with digital education 0

Satisfaction with digital education

I came across this survey from Gallup on student satisfaction with digital higher education. The findings make interesting reading from a number of perspectives. While the value-for-money and breadth of curriculum of online learning is...

Sketchboarding an online course 0

Sketchboarding an online course

I’m in the process of reviewing and redesigning an online course. So to get a full visual view of the course, I’ve been experimenting with sketchboarding. The slideshow shows the board as it is...

Twitter and micro-blogging notes – part 4 – 10 April 0

Twitter and micro-blogging notes – part 4 – 10 April

Sociotechnical mediation in learning communities by Xavier Inghilterra Research supported by a French agency supporting technology development. The study is focused on corporate training and to address key challenges in distance training: high drop out...



A great video here from Dave Cormier explaining Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) – lots there for any online learning design. See also his research project in MOOCS, knowledge and digital economy Enjoy

e-learning market 0

e-learning market

Clive Shepherd has highlighted the e-learning centre report on the market for e-learning in UK and Europe. A free summary is available here. As Clive’s post points out, the UK market is expected to...

Tools of e-learning 0

Tools of e-learning

I noticed this post from the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies [CL4PT] on ten key tools for learning. There’s a very clear triangle forming of course/ content “authorware” [eg, screenr or prezi], collaboration...

informality 2.0 0

informality 2.0

A very interesting post from Dan Pontefract on the integration of corporate learning and development and enterprise 2.0 in to learnerprise 2.0. Obviously, the concept needs further development but makes a useful point that...

Edgeless everything 2

Edgeless everything

The UK think tank Demos has recently published a report on the state of higher education in the UK, “the edgeless university“. In particular the report points to technology as a driver of change...