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Badge that learning

An informative presentation from Doug Belshaw on Open Badges:

I find the approach of badging to be very interesting – another lighter form of credit accumulation – but will be interested to see how effective they’ll be seen to be beyond accrediting skills and extending to vague and wicked problems (nonroutine interactive skills? see slide 28)?
But in terms of skills and the demonstration of actual competence (competence as having done rather than competence as having the potential, possibly, to do …), I think the open badges approach is a really good one (would have been really great when I was working in community media).

open learning link

A post on open learning from pontydysgu pointing to an interesting diagram from George Siemans. I like the diagram as it seems fairly comprehensive and covers the main learning ‘flows’. However, I do think the distinction between ‘teachers’/ ‘educators’ and ‘learners’ is becoming fairly meaningless – I have long considered that I try to cover both those roles, learning through teaching and teaching while learning.
The points raised in terms of learning providers facilitating learning pathways is a good one that links L&D into the talent development process within organisations which will require further development as an idea – as will the role of assessment and, perhaps more importantly from the L&D practitioner standpoint, learning transfer. Hopefully, I’ll develop some more thoughts on this in due course