I’ve been interviewed here on knowledge management as an activity – that knowledge … Rather than being something solid, reliable and final, we’re better thinking of knowledge as conjecture being constantly tested and retested. The Knowledge Core blog is deservedly gaining attention as it discusses the nature the nature of knowledge management and how the … Read more

Widgets and mashups

An interesting slide set from Scott Wilson from Bolton Uni Widgets and Mashups for Personal and Institutional Technologies View more presentations from scottw Its worth clicking through to the slideshare site to see the notes accompanying the presentation. I quite interested in the notion of the highly personalised cross-device widget based VLE or PLE which … Read more

Future work and career planning

Came across an interesting post here on skills for employability from Lynda Gratton. The emphasis on deep skills does tie in with what I’ve been seeing in the local job market of generalist skill sets being desirable for more junior posts while “deep” skills are required for the higher value/ better paid jobs. Also, this … Read more