weeknotes [23042014]


OK, I’m not long back from holidays over Easter so this is looking back over a few weeks (ooops). I have been:

  • continuing to work on my research on professional learning in open online environments. I really need to blog more on that to conduct “data analysis out loud”. The image in this post is one of the sociograms from part of the study
  • had an article published here
  • finally submitted (and paid for) recognition through the Higher Education Academy
  • ongoing supervision of various Masters’ dissertations
  • completed a review of a paper for an academic journal
  • contributed to a ‘blue skies’ thinking group to inform the emerging School strategy
  • attended a seminar on social network analysis and digital data and another seminar on innovative and collaborative approaches to online assessment
  • attended the hugely enjoyable Network Learning Conference in Edinburgh and see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here for my notes on the conference
  • attending internal meetings on CPD and credit rating.

All in all, a pretty good few weeks.


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