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Posted on | January 16, 2014 | No Comments

I’ve been back to work for four days now but today was the first day of feeling inspired and quite happy to be back (possibly due to ‘home improvement’ hassles earlier in the week). Anyway, this is not an extensive post but I found a couple of useful reads this week:

An e-learning strategy framework caught my eye mainly for the statement that:

I realized that this manager was under the impression that her learning management system (LMS) was her e-learning strategy. Several years ago, Brandon Hall said that an “LMS is the lynch-pin of an e-learning strategy,” but technology alone is not a strategy.

Which is a nice illustration of the common problem of technological determinism. But the framework presented discussed organisational goals, MarComms, administration, audiences and finance yet nothing on pedagogy. Can an e-learning strategy framework that doesn’t address questions of how users learn be adequate?

The Vulnerability of Learning from @gsiemens via @mhawksey caught my eye as something rarely stated but very true:

Learning is vulnerability. When we learn, we make ourselves vulnerable. When we engage in learning, we communicate that we want to grow, to become better, to improve ourselves.

And the same can be said of other valuable learning processes of creativity and innovation – there is a link between making oneself vulnerable and doing what is valuable. As George suggests, the logic of efficiency may well end up destroying what makes learning valuable personally and socially.


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