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LinkPool [18092013]

Posted on | September 20, 2013 | No Comments

Here are a few links of interest:

Harold Jarche reviews Gary Klein’s “Seeing What Others Don’t” on how insights happen and provides an effective scaffolding for reflecting on and in action and in the importance of stories in sense-making. I can see these models highlight in the review as pragmatic approaches to operationalising the probe-sense-respond approach in the Cynefin model.

Tim Kastelle has posted on building your experimental capability with the key statement that capabilities for experimenting are key to innovation:

The second big idea is the focus on learning. If you try an idea and it doesn’t work, and you don’t learn anything from this, then it really is a failure. None of us have enough spare resources to afford this. Nevertheless, to innovate we have to try out a fair number of ideas that end up not working as we expected. This is only feasible if we structure things so that we learn from our experiments.

In essence, the steps are pick a problem; work out what a solution might look like and how you would identify that you have succeeded; do something; learn from what worked and what didn’t and keep building on what works.



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