Weeknotes [19072013]

Here are just a few notes on the week or so just gone.

Investing in Coursera: This seems to me to be a risky proposition given the diversity of providers emerging in America (North & South) and Europe as well as questions over the need for a specific platform in the first place – see cMOOCs – as well as the dependence on universities as the content providers. In essence, Coursera provides a learning management system that is very scaleable but pedagogically limited without bringing-in other platforms. A risky proposition at $60m plus investment perhaps for such a dependent USP.

Education 3.0?: A useful summary table although I’d emphasise that the different ‘versions’ of education all have their place – v2.0 does not supercede v1.0

Also, I found this an interesting and sensible post on openess and running a service business from Sacha Chua.

Otherwise, this week I have been:

Reading draft dissertation chapters from students;

Preparing the end-of-project conference for the Lang2Tech project;

Sending out project reports following the Scottish national workshop on key competences for employability for postgraduate students for the PROPOUND project;

Proof reading a paper for submission to a journal;

Reading (slowly) about Actor Network Theory – more on that in a future post I think;

Learning about Moodle as I prepare for teaching the E-Learning Strategy & Policy course in September.

… and now time for a holiday of a couple of weeks …..

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