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A very interesting post here from Jane Hart on changes in organisation and linking that to changes in how learning can, should and [sometimes] is delivered as social learning. For me, its the comments that really make clear what she is meaning by social learning as a platform (in the not-necessarily-technology sense) for performance support where work processes and learning processes are tightly and seamlessly integrated. Clearly, this presents a huge challenge for the “traditional” L&D function to which too many are simply not responding.
But…but…but I’m not sure I’m really getting it – is workplace learning really all about performance. For me, part of the learning process is or should be stepping back from the work situation, “de-integrating” as it were, to not just consider how to perform better but to question what is being performed. I’d suggest that such periods of “distance” is necessary in, for example critical reflection, double-loop learning or expansive learning. So de-situating learning (abstracting/ generalising) is necessary if learning is to generate strategic change, innovations or transformation.
Having said that, I’d be happy to be told I’m very wrong about this.

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