week notes [02082010]

Its been a difficult couple of weeks waiting to see if my contract would be extended while piling up a back log of tasks that all had future pay-offs. Not exactly motivating to get going on it must be said.

But now my contract has been renewed for a 12 month period. Relief as the jobs market remains pretty poor but some concerns as well (I’m sure a few years ago I’d have been more resilient than am now?): mainly I have to impress and make myself indispensable while growing the interesting aspects of the job and keeping an eye on other opportunities. In terms of the last point, I think I’ve neglected developing my own profile and will need to address this over the next six months or so.

So the next week is a combination of head down and catching up along with a hefty amount of planning the next 12 months so I have a few more opportunities than i feel like I do at the moment.

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