Back on blogging

Back from hols and conquered the email mountain (the biggest ever and I’ve no idea why!).

Read a perceptive post from Clive Shepherd here on blogging that suggests why blogs may whither and die (especially as the ‘presencing function has been taken over by other tools like Twitter) – writing a column is hard work:

Blogging is a specialist form of journalism, typically but not always aimed at a niche audience, and usually a voluntary, unpaid additon to the day job. A blog is essentially a regular column, with the added advantage that it can generate responses and a degree of dialogue. That may not be all that blogging thought it could become but it’s still a very valuable addition to our online existence.

But, a blog can also be more personal to the author than, say, a syndicated newspaper column that may be written for a very specific audience in mind. In a blog, you might well be writing just for yourself as a space of reflection – while also writing for a (possible) audience and the dialogue that Clive mentions. Its that tension between the internal (too personal for a public) or too external (impersonal) focus that I struggle with (should see my drafts folder for this …).

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