week notes [sort of]

its been a bit too long since the last of these – maybe I should call them just erratic notes except I like the intention.

Essentially, the last couple of weeks have been broadly about getting as much operational ‘stuff’ done – the volume of bits of paper seem ridiculous to me (and really badly designed which is demoralising). Thinking of the future is also difficult as no decisions are being made on extensions of contracts… oh the joys of the public sector!

Students are currently moving into dissertations which is exciting (I can still say that as this is only my second round of dissertations. There’s some interesting trends emerging in topics chosen by the students with career development/ mentoring as one key theme and the other being work-life balance/ workplace stress being the other. Neither is too surprising given the economic climate and recent news from China (where a number of students come from and will be going back to).

Had an interesting discussion around researching social media in education and how to cut through the hyperbole without just saying “bull” to everything. What the discussion highlighted was my lack of clarity in the critical lenses to be used in my research – hopefully more on that to follow. Also, its very apparent to me that I’m not engaging sufficiently with the social media in learning world (I blame workload but it’s really about priorities – I’m a good lurker).

Also intend to play around with the design of this blog as a creative outlet ….

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