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Following reading the Russel M Davies article in Wired mag and having enjoyed reading the weekly staff meetings of David Seah’s Agencium, I’ve decided to try a weeknotes “discipline’ myself. Also, i’m thinking this may help in giving me a greater sense of structure at work.

This week has involved a lot of marking activities. While wanting to find a sense of mindful contemplation while doing this, I failed – I failed very badly and have instead (and again) found marking to be painful….

More enjoyable has been progressing my PhD research and sorting out an adapted systematic review approach to part of my literature review (see Tranfied et al 2003) and reading a fair wack of stuff on social media & learning. More on this to follow.

Also a good workshop in work at the Higher Education Academy on international students – realised the complexities of the issues involved and that any ‘solution’ involves simplification which in turn generates its own set of problems …. Will be thinking through some of the implications here re: planning ahead on student support and engagement.

What i’m finding difficult at the moment is having a broad range of things to do (marking, dissertation supervision, business development, research, student recruitment, programme development, planning for the year ahead – if contract is renewed – etc…). Now some of these activities have their own pace and deadlines others not – its the nots that are difficult. Do I inch forward on them all together or prioritise a couple to drive forward on into a sticking point …. that seems to be my current issue problem.

Tranfield, D, Denyer, D, and Smart, P. (2003) Towards a Methodology for Developing Evidence-Informed Management Knowledge by Means of Systematic Review. British Journal of Management.14(3):207-222.

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