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A very interesting post from Dan Pontefract on the integration of corporate learning and development and enterprise 2.0 in to learnerprise 2.0. Obviously, the concept needs further development but makes a useful point that too much L&D provision is focused on formalised learning and this is exacerbated in the context of much e-learning which relies on linear learning pathways decontextualised from the work situation where it (might) be applied. I think this may be part of the issue in relation to the VLE is dead debate, whereby the nature of VLEs steers towards formal learning that is institutionally bound but other web 2.0 type approaches, such as PLEs emphasise informal learning but also can migrate with the learner. Most of my on-line learning activities take place within Netvibes and have been integral to how I’ve approached my personal professional development in three different and demanding jobs. Of course, this is not new and is being done in some companies (see the presentation here, especially slide 114 onwards)

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