divided by – social media?

Nice post here from George Siemens – worth quoting

Does the internet – social media in particular – act as a unifier? Apparently not, according to several researchers. Instead, social media amplifies existing social structures. Or, as danah boyd states, “pervasive social stratification is being reified in a new era”. Technology doesn’t (immediately) alter human nature. It provides new views (mirrors) for seeing what we are. The desire to associate with people who share our beliefs, values, and economic conditions, migrates to new social spaces – digital or physical.

As I’ve said before [here], we shouldn’t think of social media/ web 2.0 as being any different from any other form of social practice and so subject to the type power relations and issues that can be found in any social context, I think Danah Boyd says it a bit more elegently mind.

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