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An interesting post from Jamie Notter on the evolution of organisational cultures. He is very clear that organsiational culture can be a management issue – you can choose to manage it or you can ignore it … The reasons for managing the evolution of culture are not stated altho their pretty self-evident and the way to manage the evolution of culture is in

some change in behavior on your part. That is where culture changes: in YOUR behavior.

sensible stuff – be the change you want to be, etc. – but an important element that often appears to be down played in discussions of cultural change is alignment with the ‘harder’ processes and structures of the organisation. There is little point (and alot of frustration) in trying to promote a culture of customer service excellence (for example) when your systems and procedures work against your people being able to deliver. They may be able to fight ‘the system’ for a while but will become exhausted and frustrated and so revert back to old behaviours or what ‘the system’ enables them to do. Culture change is about changes in behaviour but you need the infrastructure to enable those behaviours to happen.

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