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A number of people have been interested in the new report from JISC – see here – on the lack of digital literacies among the digital natives/ gen y. I’m less concerned about issues of plagiarism (tho’ that’ll change now I’m an actual academic, but we have software to spot that sort of thing) but more the issues identified in the lack of competence to appraise on-line resources. The ability to appraise such resources is, I think, critically important if the potential value creation of Enterprise 2.0 is to be realised.

This brings me to Jay Cross who recently posted on performance support as a learning ecology or learnscape:

Today, the greatest leverage in corporate learning comes from building on-going, largely self-sustaining learning processes. This process orientation focuses on the organization’s architecture for learning, a platform a level above its training programs and regulated events. The learnscape is a foundation for learning that is self-service, spontaneous, serendipitous, drip-fed, and mentored as well as the formal training that will always be with us.

Yet if the new workforce have not (yet) developed the skills to appraise and pass judgement on the value and usefulness of online resources then the learnscape becomes far less valuable as a tool of enterprise growth and innovation. I hope I’m being unduly pessimistic as to me, enterprise 2.0 and learnscape provide clear concepts that support how organisations should operate to be value generating, competitive and human.

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