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This post from Raven’s Brain on the role of project managers included the following conclusion:

Beware the perception of PM as paper-pusher. Schedules, status, coordination, all matter. But if this is what people think our job is, forget about being highly valued. Paper is a tool for, and can help with, analyzing, summarizing, communicating, and identifying goals, work, problems, etc. But the paper part of our jobs can’t get us all the way to solutions for complex problems-and focusing too much on that aspect can turn people off. If that happens, they may never see the highest value we do have to offer.

Its a good point but this weakness in the profession is reinforced by the language and concerns of too many PMs – the talk is of compliance, scope creep, reporting and change control … rather than the language of business value, learning, opportunities that gives the profession a bit of a negative image and a perception that project management is from another era (not two point zero enough!).

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